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Hitler was the leader of the Nationalist Socialist Party, or known as Nazis, in 1933. Hitler's Facist Party had one goal, to create a Total-Aryan State. By using Totalitarian Regimes and Secret Police to control his power, Hitler wanted to rid his soil of Jews, Gypsies, and Homosexuals, or any other person that opposed his ideas and plans. Hitler conquered almost all of Europe, and some of the Soviet Union by reaching the tip of Moscow in the 1940's. Hitler called his empire, the Third-Reich. The Nazi Super-State was deteoriorating when Allied defenses invaded Normandy in 1944, and the bitter Russian winter turned back Hitlers campaign in Russia.

Mussolini was one of the first Facist Totalitarian Dictators in the history of the world. His Facist Party came to power, in 1922, and Mussolini defied King Victor Emmanuel II. Mussolini joined Hitler during World War II, and was overthrown during the Allied invasion on Sicily. He was executed by Partisans in 1945.

Stalin was a participant leader of the Russian Revolution in 1917. In 1924, when Lenin died, he assumed the position of General Secretary, or Premier, and turned the Soviet Union into a Totalitarian-Communist Empire. Stalin used terrorism and brutal torture against his own people to control his power. Stalin was also one of the founders of Soviet National Security, the KGB.