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SENATE OF REPUBLIC OF POLAND                                                      Warsaw, 10,August,2000.
Commission  of Human Rights and Law-Abidance


Your Excellency
Nobphorn J. Karnkit
Royal Ambassador of Thailand to Poland
in Warsaw

Your Excellency

     Last days I was informed about incidents, which had placed  of passage border  between Thailand and Laos in Vang Tao  on 03, July, 2000, and  about fact  that 27 Laotian rebels  were arrested by   authorities of Thailand.

     I would like to ask Your Ambassador for response if   is it true, that Authorities of Thaland consider  a  possible  for extradition those Laotain rebels to Laos?

     I decided to write the letter to Your Ambassador, because minding of the national situation in Laos I am afraid of  that  if giving  those rebels to Lao authorities means death for them.
     I think that refusing the extradition those rebels to country, in which  they will be under penalty of death , is one of   more important  standard  of Human Rights.

     As the  Chairman of Senate  Commission for Human Rights and Law-Abidance of  Republic of Poland, I am very sentisive to using

Yours very Sincerely

Chairman of Senate Commission for Human Rights and  Law-Abidance

Senator Zbigniew Romaszewski