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Polish Senator Pleas for Lao Freedom Fighters
The attached letter was written by a Member of the Polish Senate to the Thai Ambassador in Warsaw, Poland.
The Honorable Sbigniew Romaszewski poignantly explains to the Thai Ambassador that the extradition of the Lao freedom fighters to the Lao PDR will result in an en masse execution without trial.
We express our appreciation to
Mr. Bounthanh Thammavong, a senior member of the democratic movement for Laos in Poland, for his tireless effort. Mr. Thammavong has intensely lobbied the legislature and diplomatic corps in Poland for the humane treatment of the Lao freedom fighters now incarcerated in Thailand. Mr. Thammavong can be reached at:
Organization of Lao Students For Independence and Democracy
Ul. Mlynska 21/23.
40-096 Katowice. Poland
Tel. +48-32 2538-851. Telfax. +48-32 2539-529. 256-5307

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