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When the cadres walked out of the jungle in 1975, they thought they that would leave their jungle mentality behind and join the ranks of the civilized world. However, dotcom politics has forced the communists in Lao to revert to its basic instinct of jungle mentality. It must retrieve from the dust bin of its revolutionary refuse the fundamental element of guerilla tactics: psychological warfare. The principle is most basic: “if you cannot fight them, scare them into submission.” Thus, the campaign against Lao expatriates, who use the Internet as a tool to oppose and expose the communist government in Vientiane, begun in earnest. The propaganda is quite simple. The government claims that it can discover the identities of political dissidents through their E-mail addresses. The government hopes to coward potential dissidents into fear and paralyze their political activism by claiming that “big brother” is watching. The success of this propaganda depends on the gullibility of its audience.